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Below are testimonials that our customers have submitted after using products they have purchased at Plenty Pharma. Since our products work differently for everyone we can only hope you experience similar or better results. We appreciate everyone who shares their story with us.



“For more than a decade I have suffered from chronic pain in the form of Complex Regional Pain Syndrome / Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy (CRPS/RSD) and for any of you that have that you know that the pain can be excruciating. Over the years I have worked my way up to high doses of pain meds but have decided now it’s time to get off of them and replace them with CBD products. I have been working with Chris to find the right products and he has been great working with me. He never pushes anything on me that I don’t need, he only wants to help and make sure I’m pain free.

Chris has been great helping me with my migraines and chronic pain. I am so glad I found this place.”
—Dianne, Fort Lupton, CO

“I was suffering from back and neck pain. The CBD Oil had me pain free in 5 minutes! No negative side effects like the pain killers my doctor gave me! I was pain free and went about my day without issues.”
—Chris, Loveland, CO

“This product is a true life changer!! I will admit my wife and I were skeptical, especially at first. After it was explained what it truly is and that it is not “drugs”, I decided to give it a try.  Ibuprofen and naproxen sodium had become my best friends and I was taking them often for my heel spur pain, chronic muscle cramp in my buttocks, and shoulder pain from bone spurs and possible torn rotator cuff.  I was given the capsule form to try first but with so many areas to hit we decided I should try the CBD oil.  I decided to try it on a weekend and I was completely amazed, my heel did not bother me, I was walking better than I had in two years, and actually felt like I could sleep in bed (which I hadn’t done in over 4 months because of my shoulders).  I started out taking two drops in the morning and two at night but started experimenting and found I only need two in the morning and one at night and was able to achieve the same results. I am now able to sleep in bed and not wake up with pain in my shoulders. I am able to get right up out of a chair and start walking without having to stop and work the cramp out of my buttocks and my heels don’t bother me hardly at all any more. I am a 64 year old male who has worked hard and put my body through a lot and CBD oil has allowed me to not hurt all the time and get back to living a normal life and I highly recommend giving it a try for whatever ails you.”
—Steve, Windsor, CO

“After breaking my toe and suffering from bad area foot damage I was using both a creme and a salve that is 50% THC/50% CBD to reduce the swelling and relieve the pain. Upon my first use of Mary’s Compound (98% CBD) from Plenty Pharma, I experienced the most pain-relief, far beyond the other products.  I only had to use a fraction of the amount too. This stuff is the real deal!”
—Jacob, Fort Collins, CO

“I have had a partially torn tendon in my right elbow for about 9 months. It is healing but I still have some pain, especially when I play softball or tennis. Last week my elbow was particularly sore after playing so, on the advice of a family friend, I used the CBD compound.  Two treatments about 5 hours apart were all that was necessary to eliminate the pain completely.  I was amazed at how quickly it worked and was quite pleased at the results. I would highly recommend CBD for anyone with a similar ailment.”
—L.S., Boston, M

“I am extremely active—I practice and teach yoga, hike, run, bike, walk my dog, SUP,  and in general need to be in top physical condition. Unfortunately, these activities can be a strain and I often need relief for tight muscles and general soreness. Recently, I was experiencing a nagging pain and tightness in my neck down into my left shoulder. I used the CBD Compound by rubbing it into these painful areas and found an instant release of tension, full range of motion in my neck, and instantaneous pain relief. I love how immediate this product works, even just to relieve that muscle tightness I experience so often. I have no reason to use any other pain reliever and will continue to use this compound even while I work out to keep my muscles loose and ready for action.”
—Amy, Fort Collins, CO


“I noticed several things when I first tried the capsules though the first thing I noticed was the dark cloud of irritability caused by fatigue and brain fog was lifted. Suddenly I was in a better mood and more focused on the day rather than when I’d be able to take a nap. Chronic fatigue is my most prominent symptom of fibromyalgia, followed by chronic pain. I noticed a significant reduction in my overall pain levels. Suddenly my stiff, achy joints were easier to move. I also deal with frequent nausea after eating and I was able to eat without pain. I am so excited to see the long term effects of this product. In the few days that I’ve been taking the capsules I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my overall quality of life.
I am also a fan of the compound. I tried it on my temples for a headache and found instant and significant relief. I also suffer from tendinitis in several joints and when I applied the compound to my shoulder, which causes me constant pain I found that my shoulder was much easier to move and in hurt much less than before.
Now that I have tried them I don’t want to go a day without these products. I’m feeling so much better!”
—Patty, Modesto, CA


“Due to Endometriosis, I have severe pain and inflammation during my menstrual cycle. I used to take ibuprofen at least 4 times per day just to keep the pain to a minimum. I found Mary’s Nutritionals capsules to be very effective by only having to take one-two per day and I’m almost pain free!”
—Jessica, Loveland, CO


I have been fighting a battle with alcoholism for a decade, and used it to quiet my mind. I finally realized I suffered from extreme anxiety and any drug I used either had bad side effects or was addictive itself. Chris recommended I vape the Hemp Juice to stop the anxiety. I did as suggested and I felt relief in less than 10 seconds. In a short time it has changed my life. I can overcome my anxiety and still be present because it isn’t mind altering like marijuana. The part of me that wants to be present and healthy now has a voice and my world has changed completely. I stopped drinking and now am caring for myself! My mind use to be filled with chaos and now I live in a very calm place!
—Deanie, Denver, CO

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