Below are reviews that our customers have shared on Facebook and Google after visiting our store or using products they have purchased at Plenty Pharma. Since our products work differently for everyone we can only hope your experience is similar or better. We appreciate everyone who shares their story with us.


Great place, lots of useful information and direction in regards to their products. Great friendly staff!

Johnathan Conrow Avatar Johnathan Conrow

I love this place and the comfort they provide, not just thru CBD but by actually listening to your issues not just trying to sell products but educate you on the products and what properties they have. My mom found this place thru a friend of hers at school about 2 years ago. I have chronic back pain with sciatic pain down my right leg. I took some puffs of cbd oil and about 5 minutes later I could sit without pain. Talk about amazing! We also got some oil and sav for my aunt who was going thru radiation it worked wonders for her and the oil helped her with her pain. Now 2 years later the CBD capsules sav and oil is helping momma as she goes the chemo. If it wasn't for Chris and his company I don't know where we'd be. This is the place to go if you're truly looking for help. They love what they do by being able to help others. I recommend you checking this place out. You won't be disappointed. Wishing you love and light

KC Turner Avatar KC Turner

This is a great place to go! Id recommend CBD products to everyone. They have a good selection of brands and types of product to choose from and very helpful explaining what works for different situations!! Love it here!

Courtney Lockner Avatar Courtney Lockner

I made my first visit to Plenty Pharma yesterday and was blown away by the level of service these people give to their clients. Chris and his staff are far and away the best people that I have come across when it comes to information on utilizing earth's natural remedies for physical and psychological limitations.

Scott Allen Avatar Scott Allen

So happy to find you guys and I’m so glad you are in Loveland

Crystal Hansen Henderson Avatar Crystal Hansen Henderson

Very professional and revolutionary place!! The owner and staff are intelligent, caring, and dedicated folks who can answer any questions you may have about CBD products. I loved the passion behind their knowledge and cause. Being there was an educational and positive experience. I highly recommend getting your CBD products at Plenty Pharma!

Danni Taylor Avatar Danni Taylor

Elizabeth was very helpful from our first phone call through my purchase of CBD oil for both myself and our dog. She was able to determine which oil was best to treat both his newly found tumor and my chronic neck pain, including dosage and long-term treatment. So far, the results I've felt in my neck have been excellent and we're hopeful to see shrinking of our dog's tumor now that we're up and going. Looking forward to spreading the word - thanks Plenty Pharma!

Stacee Kersley Avatar Stacee Kersley

Excellent products and customer service!

Deb Parsons Callies Avatar Deb Parsons Callies

I had no idea how much hemp oil would help my pain and discomfort! If you are having any kind of pain and want it gone, go see Plenty Pharma. They really helped me. Now i'm a regular there and know me by name! 🙂


David Sellmer Avatar David Sellmer

So helpful and very knowledgeable. Highly recommend this place.

Ann Avatar Ann

Best Customer Service you will find anywhere. Chris Cox and his staff will getting feeling better fast.

Jeremiah Adee Avatar Jeremiah Adee

We have a senior cat who for years had a growth in your abdomen. After taking her to the vet it was determined that due to her age any surgery would be too risky to find out what was going on. It was like our cat swallowed a small basketball. She would have trouble even walking down the hall. So the vet gave us pain meds that we would purchase monthly. After doing a ton of research online about CBD oils I wanted to find a place locally that we could try it with her. We figured it couldn’t hurt her as she is basically just waiting to die and living on pain meds. After going into Plenty Pharma they recommended REGULAR WHOLE PET DROPS (300MG). Advised us of how much to give her based on her weight. Well it’s been a month since we started the oil, her stomach is half the size. The mass that was growing inside of her is shrinking! She is walking around more and I haven’t needed anymore of the pain meds. I am so thankful! She just loves taking it too, the bacon flavor is pleasing to her. We’ve always let the other animals use it as well, we have another cat with arthritis and when taking it has had so many good effects, he had trouble jumping onto the bed and when on the drops he jumps up with ease. We will be long term customers!

Jessica C Avatar Jessica C

Just started last 3 days. Let you know. Fibromyalgia and Migraine. Very informative at the store in Loveland CO

Nancy Klos Avatar Nancy Klos

The products have changed my life. Took away my menstrual pain when nothing else would. Also, I suffer from anxiety from having ADHD and Elizabeth recommended the tincture and it has changed my life. I no longer twitch from my ADHD medication as its helped calm my mind. It also has helped my pain when nothing else would. Truly amazing products and staff.

Ashley Borron Avatar Ashley Borron

So glad I waited until going to Loveland Colorado and was able to find Plenty Pharma. Had been researching CBD for months in another state. Having RA and sometimes being unproductive for months at a time I had almost given up on any kind of relief. I had tried very expesive products both from the medical field as well as homeopathic. Thank you to the staff here for taking the time to explain to me as well as letting me sample the product. There has been a very noticeable difference in my pain as well as my emotional well being. If I would of bought in the state where I reside I now realize I would of been sold Snake Oil. Thank you!!!!! Not even a week yet and I'm a big time fan of your product and anyone who knows me, knows I'm not ever quick to jump on anything or anyone's band wagon.

Rita Joyce Smith Avatar Rita Joyce Smith

I'm an avid user of CBD products and this place has the best bang for your buck for sure. Quality products for you and your furry friends too!

Chelsea Julian Avatar Chelsea Julian

I have been going to Plenty Pharma since they opened! They have some wonderful products. I go specifically for a oil to give my older dog for her arthritis. I was able to take her off Tramadol completely. So much nicer knowing that there is a natural way to get such good pain relief!

Nicole Iannuzzi Avatar Nicole Iannuzzi

Great products and extremely knowledgeable staff!!

Gabe Timmer Avatar Gabe Timmer

Elizabeth has tons of knowledge and was extremely helpful. I tell everyone that is in pain about you guys. I'm so extremely excited that I found plenty Pharma, they have changed my life!

Dayna Koldeway Avatar Dayna Koldeway

I had bilateral knee replacements and wanted to reduce my consumption of post-surgical opiates. CBD was recommended by my dear friend, Liz Mrofka. I went to the Plenty Pharma store and found Elizabeth extremely knowledgeable and helpful. She explained the inventory and even showed me research online to help me determine what was best for me. I must admit my initial skepticism, but I tried samples Liz and Elizabeth recommended. I am now a believer in CBD. I use tincture 2x a day and Elite Compound 1x per day on my knees. Wow, what a difference in my pain level. Using CBD has changed my view of holistic healing. Thank you Plenty Pharma.

Sue Bresson Avatar Sue Bresson