CBD Infused Coffee Story

CBD Infused Coffee began as the product of necessity. SteepFuze the company was founded in 2014 by Devin Jamroz while on the road to recovery from a snowboarding accident. A gourmet coffee lover, experienced home-roaster, and advocate of legal, US grown hemp, CBD Infused Coffee was a result of home experimentation to stop taking prescribed pharmaceuticals for pain management of his herniated discs.

About the same time of Devin’s injury, the Agricultural Act of 2014 (The US Farm Bill) was enacted, allowing for state-by-state licensing of Hemp cultivation. Cannabidiol (CBD), a non-psychoactive compound found in Hemp, started receiving national attention for its anecdotally reported pain relieving, anti-inflammatory, and anticonvulsant qualities.

Devin began experimenting with his own CBD oil tinctures. He found that while the tinctures helped mitigate his pain, the taste was less than desirable. Devin’s morning routine quickly became an unpleasant shot of tincture followed by a cup (or a tall French Press) of his gourmet coffee. One delightful Spring morning while contemplating the grassy taste still under his tongue, Devin had an epiphany: “Why not combine two things I am passionate about into an even more artisanal, superior product?”

The idea of freshly roasted whole coffee beans infused with CBD was born.

With the help of Co-Founder, Ben Glennon, experimentation began. We quickly discovered that making genuinely infused coffee beans was very difficult. Coffee beans do not have a lot of surface area, the density from bean-to-bean is uneven, and traditional methods of infusing with fats or alcohols didn’t work well with coffee beans. Pouring tincture into gourmet coffee results in a cup that insults our comfortable morning rituals. To put it gently.

We also needed to find the freshest premium coffee to work with, and that meant finding the right local roaster. As luck would have it, we didn’t need to look very far. While Devin was in his backyard talking about coffee with a hemp farmer, someone through the trees called out: “Hey man, you in the coffee business?” That neighbor turned out to be Gerry Leary, the Owner and Master Roaster of The Unseen Bean – a favorite local coffee spot in Boulder.

Gerry produces what he has coined “blind-roasted coffee.” Being blind since birth, when Gerry roasts he cannot see the coffee beans transform in order to judge the roast level. Instead, the former car mechanic relies solely on his super-human senses of smell and hearing. He controls the roast based on the aroma and sound of the beans cracking. Gerry’s expert roasting technique combined with the superb 100% Arabica beans he responsibly sources left no question that he was the perfect fit.

The next task was finding a Hemp farmer and extractor with a product as high quality as Gerry’s coffee. That meant an organically grown, outdoor, pesticide-free farm, with strains to complement the coffee in their aroma and flavor profiles. That also meant finding the right extractor using safe CO2 or Steam processes to produce a whole-plant, full-spectrum extract preserving all of the desired flavors. After testing numerous hemp strains and assessing a number of Hemp farms and CBD extraction facilities, we finally found a producer to match the premium quality of Gerry’s coffee.

It took over two years of experimentation for us to finalize the now patent-pending methodology to infuse the CBD perfectly into Gerry’s fresh roasted whole coffee beans. In the end, the secret lies in infusing the full-spectrum CBD directly into the beans’ naturally occurring oils expressed during the roasting process.

We’re excited to have produced a fortified coffee that stays fresher for longer and is easily incorporated into any treasured daily routine. The addition of CBD can ease many of coffee’s commonly experienced negative side affects, and is perhaps the most approachable way to try products in this rapidly emerging Health and Wellness category.

SteepFuze is proud to offer gourmet CBD Infused Coffee, but our story does not end here! Kind people like you continue to request new products and provide invaluable feedback, so we are always hard at “work” in the lab improving formulations and developing the next innovative product… Thank you for helping us keep working with our passions!

Devin Jamroz & Ben Glennon
Founders, SteepFuze CBD Infused Coffee